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March 2013 Memory Arts Cafe – CommuniTea with Poetry

The beautiful selection of cookies and snacks to go with our tea.







Michele Brody (right) serves tea while Program Director Josephine Brown and Program Assistant and Driver Bob Birmele serve the snacks.

Everyone took time to write a memory about tea on the tea filters that Michele brought with her.

The last thing was to share our stories of tea. It was a special evening of CommuniTea for everyone. Thanks to Michele and Gary for the great program and to Mei Yu for the food!

You can see how the tea stories look in one of Michele’s art displays here.






August 2012 Memory Arts Cafe

Jennie and Gary use their Improv lessons to express their amazement at Hooba's special talent. Stine Moen, Hooba, and Sara Greenfield are with the Rhythm Break Cares (RBC) program.

Nellie (left) and Pamela completed their work of art during the multi-artist program. Pamela Lawton works with the Making Art Everywhere program at Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Percussionist David Azarch brings out amazing talent during his workshops at the Center.









Photos by Mei Yu and Ruth Benn.