A community within a community

Caregiver support is the most critical part of our commitment to you. As your partner in care, we believe that Caregiver support and actions must change to meet the progression of the disease. Perhaps you are dealing with a difficult pattern of behavior, wondering about the effectiveness of current medications, considering home care help, or have safety concerns about your home.

Our dementia care leadership team will:

New York Memory Center caregiver interview

Enjoy this interview with a Memory Center caregiver: “A Daughter’s Love Q&A with Deirdre Lovell”

• Develop a care plan individually designed to meet your needs, and in collaboration with respected neighborhood providers, will connect you to leading experts ensuring that you consistently receive clear, measurable, and practical care and treatment recommendations

• Work with you, your existing primary care provider, and other key specialists ensuring that you receive responsive and proactive dementia care

• Be available 24/7 for one-on-one phone support and care coaching

• Offer a monthly Caregiver Support Group

• Provide a social work team for in-home visits to address emerging issues

• Offer our opinions when needed to help you decide which interventions are most appropriate, at what time, and help you to evaluate your needs as things change